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Lie Back Relax and think.... Weight Loss: If you are like most people, you have tried dieting & exercise .Proper diet is definitely one of the ways to better health. To jump start this process there is a new weight loss solution available. This is electrolipolysis

Electrolipolysis ,is a painless , proven technique in which gentle , extremely low frequency electrical current is safely passed through your body's problem areas This new research was pioneered by a medical clinic in Greater Manchester U K in the early 1980's After years of research into its clinical applications, obesity expert Dr Brian Newman MD FRCS has gradually refined the treatment to enable weight loss to take place painlessly while the person being treated lies back and relaxes on a couch or bed.
Electrolipolysis is now available in Kelowna. Well established in the UK, this is a proven way of removing unwanted fat with computerized technology.

This offers hope for everyone. If you are greatly overweight and can’t get it going with diet and exercise, Electrolipolysis will give you that kick-start you have been looking for. If you are only slightly overweight Electrolipolysisis ideal to drop a dress size.


Ask yourself. What diet will eliminate fatty acids in ONE HOUR?

What exercise could accomplish this?

We have had women in their sixties lose 2-4 inches off their hips and waists in less than 6 weeks. These are individuals with age related sluggish lymphatic systems and decreased fat-burning lean body mass (muscle). With a decent diet and increased activity, you can maintain this reduction of inches indefinitely. You may want a couple of touch up treatments a year, or if obese, opt for a monthly schedule to help you hold the line on your mobilizing fats.

Electrolipolysis, the world’s finest technology, directly shrinks the fat cells with mild micro current electrode pads (causing a “tingling” sensation) that liberate fatty acids into the lymphatic system. Developed by the renowned British surgeon and leading advisor on obesity to the British government, Brian Newman, this was designed to safely give hope to largely overweight people hope with the disease of obesity (U.S.Medicare). Disease affects not only your blood and sugar function but also your brain. Did you know that a Swedish study shows that obese women will undergo more shrinkage of their brain tissue, which can make them more susceptible to dementia? This seems like a cruel irony…large fat cells and shrunken brain cells, but it re-enforces the fact that we only now are learning how insidious the damage from excess fat really is. Visceral fat itself is considered a glandular organ by hormone specialists. It is interesting to note that a university study has determined that electrolipolysis has a positive effect on female hormones.

Make an appointment TODAY and we will analyze your fat mass properly. Forget calipers and other outdated approaches. Our Body Impedance Analysis is the most accurate method to target your problem. It’s about the FAT. We leave the lean body mass alone (though many clients will find an increase in this fat- burning component of your body with treatment.)


Our short five-week 15 visit program costs a fraction of liposuction surgery. Not only is it safe, but will leave a smoother appearance to that ‘orange peel’ characteristic of cellulite.

CALL TODAY and change your life in ONE HOUR.


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