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Electrolipolysis & Lymph Drainage

What is Electrolipolysis?

It is a electronic treatment made up to eliminate the cellulite and fat deposits in your body. Electrolipolysis combined with lymph drainage is a completely new and effective way to remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort using low voltage electric currents through non-invasive skin electrodes.

Is it safe?

Safe and efficient. You can have pain-free slimming with self-adhesive electrodes or bands without muscle contractors or other discomfort. The treatments themselves are very relaxing, in fact people often doze off during a session. There are certain health conditions that can negate one from having treatments.

How does it work?

Electrolipolysis is a painless, effortless process that can successfully remove cellulite in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Through the use of low voltage electric current and non-invasive skin electrodes on problem areas, the fat in the cells are broken down and easily excreted by the body.

How long does it take? When can I see results?

Electrolipolysis is a technique that is so powerful that a 40 minutes session can knock off nearly 2 1/2 lbs. and shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by a least one whole size after the first treatment. Immediate results can be seen. After 24 hours, you will see the maximum effect.

What does it feel like?

It tickles and itches a bit.

lAre there any side effects?

Slight increase in urination for 1 to 2 days after treatment.

Will the results last?

Absolutely!!! Electrolipolysis is an excellent jump start to a new and slimmer you. Subsequent weight loss can be long lasting. So for the fat to come back, new cells have to form. That would happen if a person continued to eat excess calories. Combine the electrolipolysis and lymph drainage with exercise and healthy eating for optimum results.

How often can I have a treatment?

One problem area can be treated, every 2 days up to 3 times per week.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends. Most clients require maintenance treatments once or twice a year after an initial burst of six to eight treatments. Just as an athlete continues to work out; once a desired fitness level has been achieved, you want to be sure that the fat which is removed stays away for good and your body remains toned and firm.

How do Electrolipolysis and Lymphatic Drainage work?

The current and pulse frequency which the electrodes send through the fatty tissue cause splitting of the triglycerides into free fatty acids. Triglycerides cannot be excreted through cell membrane, however, free fatty acids can now pass through the cell wall and out into tissue fluid to be further transported by the lymph vessels. Lymphatic Drainage greatly speeds up the process.. .

Are there similar machines or technology?

Just as there have been vast improvements in computer technology over the past decade, there have been vast improvements in this form of technology; both in the medical field for pain and healing management, and in the beauty and health field for cosmetic enhancement management. In the beauty field, cellulite creams, microcurrent technology, vacuuming, and suction plus massage therapy equipment are being used. Other ‘slimming machines’ which use electric currents to stimulate muscles, can tone muscle but not break down fat or cause weight loss. People are excited about this technology for fat reduction. Electrolipolysis uses a current to break down triglycerides, fat molecules stored in fat cells into smaller ‘free fatty acids’. In this form, fat can pass from the fat cell membrane into surrounding tissue. The free fatty acids then pass into the lymphatic system, the body’s drains, and are eventually excreted in the urine.

Why do people choose this over cosmetic surgery such as liposuction?

This treatment is a natural, non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgery. There is no pain, complications or recovery time. It is far less expensive and there is no interruption in daily life
Liposuction can cost you $3,500 just for one area such as your abdomen plus $1,500 for additional areas. Then there are extra fees such as hospital costs, special clothing, medications; just to name a few. An estimated cost to have liposuction done of abdomen, backside, and legs will cost just under $10,000 in Calgary. The cost is painful and so can the procedure be.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is that bumpy looking fat around mainly on your thighs and buttocks that seem so difficult to get rid of. You may have heard before that it is an accumulation of water and waste products that are not properly eliminated by the liver, kidneys and intestines. These supposedly get trapped just under the skins’ surface and cause the characteristic dimpling of the skin. This however, is FALSE! Actually, cellulite is just plan, ordinary . . FAT!

Strands of special tissue connect our skin to deeper tissues and muscles. These strands separate clusters of fat cells. When our fat cells increase in size, these clusters start to bulge and pull on the strands separating them. This what causes our skin to have that puckered orange-peel appearance.

Women seem to be more prone to cellulite than men. This is because men have thicker outer layers of skin and can hide the bulging fat clusters better. Until now, the only true way to get rid of cellulite from your thighs or other problem areas was to get rid of all-over-body fat. This was, and still is done through regular exercise and healthy, balanced meals. However, for people who wish to ‘spot reduce’ fat, we offer electrolipolysis, a process that can permanently get rid of cellulite in your problem areas.

Are there things I can do to increase the benefits of these treatment?

To achieve the best results with electrolipolysis it is also suggested to exercise (low impact aerobics, brisk walking), rest, drinking plenty of water, and get a balanced diet. People should correct their eating habits to receive optimum benefits.

Where did Electrolipolysis evolve from?

Electrolipolysis evolved from electro-therapy on kidney dialysis patients. Electrodes were place beneath their skin to measure tissue hydration. Like alot of new discoveries, doctors also noticed that the volume of subcutaneous fat surround each electrode reduce substantially. What a fabulous discovery!!!


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