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Lymphatic Stimulation

If your lymphatic system is congested, you will have trouble with elimination. Fatty acids have to be transported from the mobilized fat cells to the kidneys for excretion where they can be permanently eliminated. LYMPHAVISION is the most powerful yet non-invasive device ever employed for this purpose. LYMPHAVISION is the most conventional lymphatic medical device on the market and is used to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism during surgery as well as treating lymphedema (including Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema), Diabetic Foot Syndrome and has literally saved diabetic patients scheduled for amputation.

European Technology
Some of asked why is it that all this technology comes from Europe? The answer is that governments have recognized the importance of the lymphatic system as well as the prevalence of obesity and overweight individuals. They have chosen to invest in these devices so that they could help people maintain a healthy weight and therefore reduce health care costs. Obesity is now recognized by the U.S. government’s Medicare program as a disease … attitudes are beginning to change here as well.

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