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Quantec®5"is the instrument which transmits vibrations between ‘life’ organisms.

But WHAT is transmitted to organisms? - Conscious Intent
· The generator (the heart is the aforesaid diode with white noise) of QUANTEC® scans bio-fields in a few minutes.
· The result of the generator-run is a therapy-plan, which can be broadcasted to any target. This plan contains for all detected remedies and blocks the relevant C, D and LM potencies.
· It is a very objective method; the therapist has no influence on the analysis.
· QUANTEC® scans up to 50 000 remedies and entries for response. All three levels, physical, mental and spiritual are taken in consideration.
· Database-entries are for example: homeopathy, colours, sounds, acupuncture, affirmations, allergens, ICD 10, nosodes, Bach flowers, psycho-kinesiology, etc.
· QUANTEC® is an open system: You can create new databases-entries and remedies respectively.
· QUANTEC® can automatically perform send-jobs, night and day, for up to 500 targets.
· Broadcasting-intervals and duration can be individually adjusted by the therapist.
· Everything has its own consciousness that can be scanned with diodes with white noise and then be evaluated.
Quantec®5 is the healing technology of the future.
Radionics combined with state-of-the-art computer analysis and white noise, enable the Quantec to:
· Analyse energy imbalance/disease
· Propose a treatment regimen (from its database)
· Target scheduled transmissions of prescribed vibrations to the recipient
This technology breakthrough is quite something special.
Living organisms are made up of living cells that emit light. These light emissions are called biophotons – weak electromagnetic waves measurable only by sophisticated equipment. The light emission is an expression of the functional state of the organism, be it human, animal or plant. These waves of electromagnetic emissions create an electromagnetic (or morphic) field around each and every organism. These fields do not exist in isolation but rather merge into a collective global consciousness or intelligence, also termed the “spirit” of matter.All is interconnected.
Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proven to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance. (telepathy) twin photons. This could be the mechanism which links photographs with that which they illustrate and vice versa. At this stage it can only be assumed that the Quantec’s modus operandi is based on the interconnections between twin photons.


What is fact though, is that Quantec is currently the only device worldwide that operates with the technology of the diode with white noise – proven to be a particularly good intermediary device between consciousness and machine (mind-machine interaction). The white noise generating diode can be visualized as the old radio quartz valve and the noise of the diode can be compared with the sound emitted by a radio that is not tuned into a station – a cacophony of deep rumbles, high whistles and medium frequency hissing. This noise changes, however, when it is connected with the consciousness and it is these changes which can be processed and interpreted by a computer.
The Quantec scans individual fields of consciousness through a diode with white noise and connects the noise of the diode with its databases which contain vibrational information required for each treatment, such as affirmations, minerals, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture points, Bach flower remedies etc. The Quantec is currently the only device that can be proven to radiate target objects.
The Quantec assesses the energy imbalance of the subject and broad cast the required vibrations from its database of remedies/treatments to restore the balance in the target, (Human, plant soil, animal or water). The Quantec is currently the only device that can be proven to broadcast to target objects. The process does not require any physical contact with the subject.
All that is required is a specimen or preferably a digital photograph, which is nothing more than the radiance of photons at a particular moment (light = photons). The Quantec analyses the image and recommends a treatment protocol. The vibrations of the treatment are transferred to the target object.Everything has its own vibration, be it a homeopathic remedy, an affirmation, mineral etc – energy is vibration. Radionics measures disease in terms of energy and uses a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance. It utilizes specially designed instruments to detect underlying causes of disease.
The Quantec is a state-of-the-art computer software system which, through the medium of white noise combines computer analysis with radionics. It restores the energy balance on a physical, mental and emotional level.This restoration process is achieved through 10 to 20 second broadcasts every 3 hours through the medium of white noise over a pre-determined period of days, weeks or months.Furthermore, the database is open ended. The Quantec’s software was designed in such a way that new databases can be inserted. It can make use of any information, frequency or pathological depiction and can therefore be deployed by health practitioners, farmers, veterinarians and horticulturists.Diodes with white noise interact with any form of consciousness and since everything has its own consciousness, everything can be scanned and evaluated. Thus the conscious intent of desiring healing – restoration of energy balance – can be broadcasted to its target by the Quantec.


The Quantec® can scan the human body’s energy field for disorders from a digital photograph. The interfaces that enable a computer to communicate with biological systems are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons. Each light emission or bio photon has a twin photon which has been scientifically proved to maintain simultaneous contact with each other over any distance (Telepathy). The trained operator, after scanning the energy field of the target, prepares a Healing Sheet from an extensive database: Homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, Affirmations, Orthomolecular Medicine, Tissue Salts, Enzymes, Construction science and more, which are incorporated in the software system of the computer. This Healing Sheet is broadcasted to the subject for 10 – 20 seconds every 1-3 hours; over 24 hours for one day, a week or a month.
The programme is based on radionics which was discovered in 1924, and frequency of white noise. The Quantec® links on the energy field of the subject which was captured from the digital photograph and transmits the Healing Sheet’s vibrations at a frequency equivalent to thought (telepathy) in a concentrated format. Working in harmony with known and proven complementary health principles which includes detoxification, avoidance of toxic and refined foods and living a healthy lifestyle, many persons had experienced relief from so-called terminal or chronic disorders.
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With the rising awareness of the destructive effect of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the health of humans and animals organically grown products is demanded by consumers worldwide. The Quantec® is ideally suited to assist the organic farmer in his biological programme.

From a digital photograph of the target or area an electronic scan determines the imbalances in the crop and soil. From the agricultural database a Healing Sheet is prepared which enhances the growth of the plants, attracts natural predators of the prevailing pests and immobilises the undesirable pests and insects. Therefore, reduces the need for pesticides spraying and chemical fertilizers.
The Quantec® is an ideal partner of biological and organic farming.


The animal’s energy field, individual or a herd, is captured on a digital photograph, scanned for imbalances and physical disorders, and a Healing Sheet is prepared from an extensive database for vibrations required to balance the natural harmony of the target object. Veterinary Practitioners and consultants are using the Quantec® to assist pet owners and farmers to stimulate the growth and keep their animals healthy without using harmful chemical drugs.


Businesses are run and managed by people, who’s mental state and capacity determines the level of efficiency and profitability of the establishment. Often one can feel the vibes in a business, it is these vibes or energy fields which is scanned from a digital photograph and a Healing Sheet is prepared by a trained consultant. This Healing Sheet is then broadcasted to the target business or organisation, which can change the prevailing negative vibes to positive constructive and creative vibes. Business consultants are using the Quantec® with remarkable success in correcting ailing establishments.

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