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What our clients say.....

"After trying Ginger’s machine I noticed that my legs stomach were a lot smaller and had lost inches in both these areas”.
I was also pleased with the diminished look of the cellulite on my thighs."
"Ginger has an overall approach to good health ,and, as well as the success using the system, she provided me with sound advice on diet. It was like having my own counsellor"
"Making changes to my problem areas can be quite uncomfortable or even embarrassing for me. Ginger was very sensitive to my feelings and I felt that she really cared about the progress I could make.
"The G-Form system definitely jump started my weight loss program and I will defiantly be using her system again in the future. Thanks Ginger
Kelly R

Dear Ginger,
We would like say thank you very much for your help and the Quantec!!!!!! What a blessing it is!!!! Since having my teenager on it, his lack of confidence and low self-esteem have really turned around. At the beginning of the school year he was struggling socially, now the teachers tell me he is a leader in the class and very popular with the students. His grades reflect that as well. Also his temper has mellowed out lots. I believe he feels better emotionally therefore is reflecting that in his overall behaviors and attitude. We have also noticed much improvement in chase. He has no problem with expression and pace when talking. He seems much more relaxed and not so tense when speaking in front of people. The Quantec is amazing, and we are quite surprised how quickly it works. The nice thing about working with children is that they are always open for change and improvement. They don't have any fears of " letting go" of what does not serve them…
Thanks again and talk to you soon, Laurie Boutot, Grande Prairie Alberta

What the Quantec has done for me.
I have been on the Quantec for approximately three months, I started to notice something within 3 weeks, but could not put my finger on what was different. Every week that goes by I notice more and more that I am more comfortable with me. Its hard to explain to someone, but I feel less anxious about things. I am more focused and seem to have less worries. Things that would leave me feeling sad and emotional over no longer do that. Its almost like a maturing, or coming out of yourself. It seems to me that it has given me confidence in myself. That something has come and made things all right again. I feel that it has turned me in the right direction. I feel hopeful for the future and eager to start the day, where as I always felt somewhat low, and struggled with depression. I feel that the Quantec is something of a miracle machine, for it seems to be able to get rid of blocks and sabotage programs that we all struggle to overcome in our lives. The whole world seems to be opening up and things just seem to click into place. I honestly believe that being on the Quantec has given me my life back in some way. It has shown me my potentials, even if its just a glimpse of what is to come. I would encourage anyone that wants to improve their life, and themselves, and become the person that we all aspire to be, to give the Quantec a chance to work on them. It is a remarkable invention.

Patricia Turner


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